‘By Blood Divided’

By Blood Divided“A dramatic read from the very outset.” — Simon Scarrow

“A mixture of wonderful history, adventure, a heart-breaking love story; the world of fifteenth-century Venice and Constantinople is brought thrillingly to life.” — Kate Mosse

“A gripping, epic tale set against a broad and breath-taking European canvas. Do not miss this compelling page-turner.” — Alison Weir

“A fast-moving and superbly intelligent adventure, drive by the agony and triumph of empire, loyalty and revenge.” — Jason Goodwin

“A grand, sweeping drama of the finest kind, miss this excellent book at your peril.” — Ben Kane

‘Walls of Byzantium’

The Walls of Byzantium“Heneage knows how to please his readers, both those who know their history and those who don’t. It will equally delight readers of Tom Holt and Bernard Cornwell and viewers of Game of Thrones and The Borgias. This is a big book full of unexpected delights and it’s easy to be totally drawn into this world. Reading it has changed my perspective on the Dark Ages and I have begun to wonder if we have ever really come out of them. This is historical writing at its best created by a master storyteller who is also a wonderful and engaging historian. I can’t wait for more.”

— Mark Jackson,

“The Walls of Byzantium is the first in the Mistra Chronicles, a series set around the Byzantine Empire, and, like all the best first volumes, it ends in a cliffhanger that will leave you panting for the next installment… a fast-paced and enjoyable tale with an appealing cast of characters. If the women are a little too independent and politically engaged than we would usually expect from the 14th century, the reader is all too willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of a good story.”

— Sally Hughes, We Love This Book

“With a writing style that is almost cinematic, James Heneage excels at recreating the sights and sounds of a long-distant period. Many historical novels take a while to get going, but ‘The Walls of Byzantium’ is gripping from the first page, plunging the reader right into the heart of the narrative. Apart from a prologue that is set in the early 13th century, the story takes place in the closing years of the 14th, when the Ottoman Turks were becoming a growing threat in the Balkans. The myriad of nationalities and religions in this novel can confusing – the region was even more complicated in the 14th century than it is today, which is saying something – but Heneage has a firm grip on his subject material and ensures that the narrative doesn’t lose its momentum… Whether you’re interested in the late Byzantine and Ottoman empires or not, this is a thoroughly engaging read, with well-drawn characters, a compelling plot and a great sense of place. Overall, a very impressive debut.”

— Amazon Reviewer

“If you are someone who likes to discover a writer that delivers a cracking story with the promise of more to come….buy this book. The intriguing and compelling web Heneage spins is captivating. Heneage has set the scene for an epic series….”

— Amazon Reviewer

“A thoroughly enjoyable book that takes you on a very interesting journey through the 15th Century battles between the great states of the times, the Christian world and Islam. Add in a hero, romance, intrigue, plots, murder, betrayal, a hidden treasure and a writing style that is a mixture of history book and romantic novel and you’re left with a book you just don’t want to put down… This is the first in a series of books and I’ll be watching out for the next one. A big 5/5 for this book.”

— EScotia on the Army Rumours Service